Women Rock

I know this. You know this. But why did I find myself discovering and listening to so many female musicians and woman-led bands in March? Did it have anything to do with it being Women’s History Month?

No. It’s because women put out the best and most noticeable music recently. They also tend to make better album covers than the boys, I’ve noticed.

And despite the fact that many have been putting out music for years, most of them are new to me. Bonus.

I’ll warn you, this list is not short and careens wildly between genres and vibes. In no particular order, with occasional commentary.

Thrush Metal by Stella Donnelly

The song “Boys Will Be Boys” is just wow.

Fine But Dying by Liza Anne

Those melodies!

Nudes by Lucius

Acoustic and stripped down. Beautiful.

Historian by Lucy Dacus

Lucy is from Richmond, Virginia. So am I. That’s cool to me. YMMV.

Resolve by Poppy Ackroyd

Instrumental neo-classical ambient drama.

Quit the Curse by Anna Burch

Someone Out There by Rae Morris

The closest thing to pop on this list. That’s a good thing.

Blood by Rhye

Just kidding. That’s a dude singing. But close enough, and what a great album.

Mutual Horse by Holly Miranda

Expectations by Wild Child

Just try not to dance when that first song kicks in. And the title track is 🔥.

Don’t Talk About it by Ruby Boots

Giving Holly Miranda a run for the best name on this list.

Her by Totally Mild

This sounds… deep. It’s the one I’ve probably listened to the most, for some reason.

Live from Europe by Melody Gardot

Read her backstory, like, now.

In a Poem Unlimited by U.S. Girls

Get on the bandwagon.

Superorganism by Superorganism

Listening to Superoganism is listening to the future.

Ventriloquism by Meshell Ndegeocello

Covers. Some sad. Some funky. All just right.

Twentytwo In Blue by Sunflower Bean

May Your Kindness Remain by Courtney Marie Andrews

The new folk-country hotness. Be kind.

Loner by Caroline Rose

Could win best album cover of the lot.

No Fool Like an Old Fool by Caroline Says

No relation.